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…introducing the new multi layer.

• Installer programmed

• GSM programmed by SMS

• Available with up to 4 call buttons

• Surface mount only

• Downward facing microphone

• Dial-in to open

• SMS alerts

• No dedicated handsets required

• Internal time clock

• 3 relays – additional relays optional

• Exit release input

• 3 AUX inputs

• 450 dial-in to open numbers

• 400 pin codes

• Battery backed time clock

• 9 time profiles

• Forward call up to 8 additional numbers

• Activity log downloaded locally or remotely

• Day/Night feature

Junior ML Millennium ML T-Bespoke ML

When a visitor presses the number of your property on the intercom a call is made to your phone. When you answer the call you can speak to your visitor and let them in by pressing ‘#’ on your phone. Simple! If you are out the unit can divert the call to a mobile or your work phone so that you are still able to communicate with your visitor and let them in if you wish; it could be an important delivery!

The system is installer programmed by SMS or remotely via a modem. Local programming can be carried out via a USB programming lead. There is also an activity log built into the unit which allows an audit trail of users and their subsequent actions to be extracted, either remotely or locally using the above methods.

There are three connections to the system, a 230 Volt supply to feed the 12 Volt 1 Amp PSU (the PSU we supply with the system must be used and should not power any other equipment). There are 3 relays ; a 2 Amp relay for lock release and 2 x 200mA relays for gate or barrier control.

ultra thin at                  only 26mm.

The Multi Layer range has been produced to provide a super low profile intercom. At just 26mm deep, this surface mount panel will fit into any environment.

The downward facing microphone stops any possible water ingress which can occur with front facing microphones and the internal I/O board can be mounted externally offering safe side security.

Simply insert a SIM card; think of the Telguard as a computerised telephone. Your home or mobile phone number is then added to the auto dial memory, just like adding a number to your own mobile.

Warranty: 2 year gold ‘Return To Manufacturer Warranty’ including parts, labour and unlimited programming. Requests in writing.

Power: 12 Volt 1 Amp. DC PSU (as supplied and must be dedicated to the Telguard). Power Consumption: 120 mA Idle @ 12 Volts.

GSM SIM: O2 or Vodafone via Telguard Telecom (standard sized sim).

Network Providers: Some networks do not allow data transfer via modem, the Electronic Voice Assist™ can be used   in this instance. Orange do not allow data calls on Pay-As-You-Go. The network 3 is not compatible with the Telguard system. Vodafone and O2 are recommended.

Telephone Type: Standard tone generating telephone, cordless or mobile phone.

Tone Type: DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency).

Programming: Installer programmed via SMS. Locally via USB controller cable or remotely via GSM modem.

Relays: x3 ; 2 Amp relay for lock release and 2 x200mA relays for gate or barrier control.

Relay Activation Time: 1 – 60 seconds, adjustable locally and remotely.

Volume: 1-9 adjustable locally and remotely.

Operating Commands: Default #, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9#. All relay commands are configurable.

Call Point Profile: This utilizes the on board time clock enabling custom profile functions to be activated.

Authorised call access: 450 numbers can be stored in this part of the memory and can activate a pre-determined relay simply by calling the number of the system and hanging up the call once ring tone is heard. If the number calling is on the authorised list the relay will activate.

SMS via Input: An SMS message may be sent on receipt of an output from equipment associated with the TelGuard. This could be to indicate low parking ticket paper on a parking system, or a passive detector to report movement, loop detector or an alarm.

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