Our Team

At Commtel Ltd we are proud of our friendly and dynamic team. Feel free to put a face to a name with the below list of staff members, and don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need us!

Sales Team

Christina Canning

UK Sales Manager

Office: 01306 710915

Mobile: 07557 237983

E-mail: christina@telguard.co.uk

Sam Roney

Sales Consultant

Office: 01306 710916

Mobile: 07788 299473

E-mail: sam@telguard.co.uk

Harry Eakins

Sales Consultant

Office: 01306 710914

Mobile: 07464 548025

E-mail: harry@telguard.co.uk

Lauren Aitchison

Sales Administrator

Office: 01306 777030

E-mail: lauren@telguard.co.uk

Lilly Claridge-Ware

Team Administrator

Office: 01306 710910

E-mail: lilly@telguard.co.uk

Technical Team

James Tipper

Production Manager

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: james@telguard.co.uk

Bob Bridges

Stock Control

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: bob@telguard.co.uk

Roy Roney

Senior Programmer

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: roy@telguard.co.uk

Benjamin Beeson

Technical Helpdesk

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: ben@telguard.co.uk

Kieran Gosling

Technical Helpdesk

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: kieran@telguard.co.uk

Accounts Team

Piers Cooke

General Manager

Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: piers@telguard.co.uk

Dianne Mill

Head Of Accounts

Office: 01306 710917

E-mail: di@telguard.co.uk

Paige Forrest


Office: 01306 710120

E-mail: paige@telguard.co.uk

Telguard is a British manufacturer and distributor of GSM and telephone based intercoms. Used for door, gate and barrier access, our systems can be operated from the convenience of your mobile phone!